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RBA Team Building

an exercise in team building and diversity

Our focus in this half-day to two-day workshop is on building relationship, by getting to know one another and beginning to explore our prejudices, assumptions and belief systems. This helps a group see clearly some of the inhibitors that obstruct relationship building and how we can choose to unlearn some of the practices that have fostered separation and a focus on difference, rather than collaboration and an appreciation of the power of diversity in action and outcome.

The Collaborative Process lies at the heart of team function.

Understanding and tracking that process and the group dynamics, together with maintaining a task-focus, are critical to achieving objectives.
In this highly participative, action-learning system, teams test their ability to collaborate in solving structured problems that are designed to draw out communication, innovation and trust, as well as the skills and talents of each individual.

The Challenges

"Crossing the Acid River", "Challenging the Volcano" ”Mastering the Maze and getting through "The Spider’s Web", stretch participants ability to be resourceful, innovative and successful !

The planning stage in each exercise is specific and the implementation provides key learnings as success and "failure" test the teams tenacity and creative thinking. Many factors in team practice are highlighted: the power of co-operation, time pressures, problem solving, accurate use of resources, leadership and followership, respect, care of others and inclusion, listening skills, strengths and weaknesses and most importantly, "high play." Teams are reminded to have fun!

The Debriefing

The comprehensive debriefing provides opportunity for participants to integrate their learnings around how the Releasing Genius exercises reflect the team's function in the workplace. The combination of structure, problem solving, challenge and play, is a powerful one to which teams respond with enthusiasm and ingenuity.