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Judy and Valerie

Renaissance Business Associates has been offering learning opportunities in personal, management and staff development for twenty-eight years.

We work in the corporate, government and non-profit arenas as well as for various educational institutions and religious orders. The organization is a Close Corporation and is wholly owned by two women – Valerie Morris, founder and managing director, and Judy Bekker, director.

We collaborate and work in association with other consultants and facilitators, who represent the broad spectrum of cultures in our country. Some of these are:

Barak Learning and Development – Maryse Barak specialises in Facilitator Skills Training as well as running effective meetings using the Thinking Environment process.

Educo Africa – A non-profit organization offering personal development for youth-at-risk, disadvantaged youth, Child and Youth Care Capacity building, Environmental Education, HIV/Aids and the wilderness programme and leadership development.

See our associates page to link with each one.


Areas of interest

  • Facilitating large meetings or conferences using the Open Space Technology approach.
  • Fostering better relationships through Teambuilding, Valuing Diversity and Productive Conversations.
  • Providing the space for the deeper personal mastery work through Vision Questing, The Eight Gates of Initiation, The Second Half of Life and Building the Sacred Vessel of Relationship.
  • Enhancing small team function.
  • Rites of Passage for young women.

How we work

We believe that people learn best through engagement at a physical, practical and intellectual level, so our work is highly interactive and experiential. There is theory presentation, pair work, small group work, dialogue and productive conversation, story telling, written and silent reflection time. We use music, games and video clips to advantage.


Where we work

Predominantly in Southern Africa, and, over the years we have facilitated processes for organizations in Britain, Holland, Germany, Slovakia, Egypt, Australia and the USA.

Our preferred venue is the specially designed and totally dedicated Stanford Valley Conference Centre.