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RBA Newsletter 2019

December 2019

Greetings from Valerie and Judy

We imagine that this newsletter finds you well at the close of another decade. We imagine you filled with anticipation for the next ten years and wondering what the world will be in 2020. We imagine you logging the shifts, changes and transformations personally and collectively.

For those, like us, who have entered or are on the brink of their sixties, the tracking process might include one or more of the following: a reluctant acknowledgement of the increase of body-aches; unexpected spurts of energy; a glorious expansion of the heart; a deepening of spiritual practice; enthusiasm for brand new directions or projects; consistently inspired thinking or perhaps none of the above and only a disconcerting, slow wilting of the brain!

Whatever your age and whichever you identify as yours, you do know that you have loved in the past year and that there are people who love you, no matter what shape you are in!

This from our 2010 newsletter……!!

Now, hovering on the edge of 2020, time is marked by a growing awareness of the self-induced human predicament. True to form, we two-leggeds have surfaced language in which to wrap our sadness: eco-grief it is called.

Perhaps because of who and what we are exposed to through our work, we are increasingly sensitised to what is livestreaming through people of all ages. There is outrage at irreversible damage done to earth, humans and animals, as demonstrated by the rising of younger people all over the world.

 There is guilt at the part we have all played, there is a prevailing fear, a prevailing anger often directed at each other. There is a sense of impotence to change this trajectory or make it better: and deep sorrow around all that is disappearing, burning, melting, flooding, dying and crying. There are a lot of tears falling.

The incisive questions might be: So who do we want to be in the midst of all that is shifting so dramatically? How are we to be and do in ways that are integrative, generative and kind?

Every time I go down these tracks of inquiry I come to this: we have each other and therin lies a strength.

And so, Valerie and I remain committed to a focus on relationship. How are we tending ours? What can we continue to offer in our work and in the marketplaces in which we find ourselves, that will help others and contribute to cleaner and clearer communication? Work in progress!

November 17th was the last day of the last eleven- day Vision Quest facilitated by ourselves.  The end of a twenty-six- year cycle of  seventy six Quests. The last group of 10 Questers, brave souls – allowed us to finish with a clean track record. We never lost one of them!! And everyone returned with vision of some sort and inspiring stories to tell. So we happily, thankfully and with great appreciation honour lineage and legacy and hand over the continuation of this work to Lucille Greeff and partners. 

A note of great appreciation this year for the seven women and  GenderWorks who donated sufficient scholarship monies, allowing two amazing women to join us for our seven day Facilitation Programme.  We will no doubt invite funding in the coming year in order to reach more widely into communities.

And so, into the hol(y)day season. If you pray, please keep praying. If you meditate, please don’t give up. If you roam in wild places, making holy where you go, please keep walking. That braided way of gratitude, blessing and healing are available to all of us to give and receive. And this being human is work that is never done!

We send love and humour (never abandon humour) for this season and offer below, our calendar for 2020

Judy and Valerie.

Please do be in touch, to let us know you have received this, to say hello, to indicate when you might join us during the coming year, to share what is up for you. It will be good to hear from you.

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