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Building the Sacred Vessel
of Relationship

building relationshipsThe intimacy of relationship engages us all. We exist and hopefully thrive, in a great sea of interaction; with our partners, children, extended families, friends, colleagues; with animals and with nature, with spirit. Relationship has been defined as an art. It has been described as the “most rigorous spiritual practice on the planet; the crucible in which we are fired and totally tempered.”

Whatever the definition, relationships engage us, challenge us, inspire us. They bring us both joy and pain and teach us about ourselves, others, human nature and the human spirit.

If you and your partner feel inclined to acknowledge and celebrate your individuality, your relationship and all that fills the space between you, then perhaps you would join us for four days in the mountains. Together we will explore and mark all that is good and all that stretches and challenges as you continue to expand the sacred vessel of your relationship.

Our four days will include the following:

  • Reflection and Dialogue around some penetrating relationship practices.
  • Working the Lifeline of our relationship.
  • Communication: How do I listen? What do I hear?
  • Engaging with tools like the Signs of Life (designed by Dr Angeles Arrien) as a couple, in order to help us see each ones current vision and direction and Teaching Circles in order to learn from each other.
  • There will be the creation of a particular gift for each to give their partner.
  • Solo time in nature will allow us to consider the quality of the “arc” between us and the quality of our “service” to community, as a partnership.
  • The Symbols Process (created by The Ashland Institute) will give us further insights into what holds value and meaning for us.
  • And there will be dialogues on those simple little subjects…..sex, money, power, space and rhythm!
  • We will conclude with the creation of simple, recommitment ceremonies. Not to forget, time and space for play and some laughter too!

building relationshipsThis will not be a therapy circle but rather a place for honest self appraisal and the sharing of insights. It will be a time of re-appreciating the wonder of our primary relationships, as well as the rigors of getting here!